ASCORUTIN 100 pills



what is Ascorutin used FOR :

  • with vitamin deficiency;
  • to get rid of rosacea (a mesh of blood vessels appearing on the face);
  • with hypertension;
  • for the prevention of influenza and seasonal diseases in the epidemic period;
  • with varicose veins;
  • to relieve signs of dystonia;
  • with hemorrhoids;
  • to reduce the severity of rheumatic pathologies;
  • with a tendency to bleeding, including with heavy menstruation;
  • in the complex treatment of infectious diseases;
  • with allergies;
  • with septic endocarditis;
  • in case of inflammatory processes of the brain;
    with hemorrhage in the retina and visual defects;
  • in the treatment of radiation sickness;
  • with capillarotoxicosis (hemorrhagic vasculitis).

            Active ingredients : 100 mg acidum ascorbicum     

                                              20 mg rutosidum trihydricum

        Dosage : 1 - 2 pills 3 x per day for an adult

         Made In Slovakia by Zentiva a.s.

Code Code: 92
Category: Other Medications
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